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Totara has been studying the character Mr Wormwood from ‘Matilda’. They had to design a suit jacket, tie and suit trousers and then describe it along with his personality.

Mean, grumpy, ugly, doesn’t care and high tempered. Weird clothes, very big, wrinkly, he’s got weird hair when he took his hat off.      By Tayla
High tempered, mean, ugly, wrinkly, mean eyed, savage, law breaker, heavy, doesn’t care, grumpy and big.    By Maggie
He wears a bright red and pink shirt, brown trousers, a green tie and a black top hat as well as a pair of black shoes. He is a grumpy man who loves TV. He doesn’t like books and gets dirty money by selling cars. He eats dinner while watching TV and never agrees with Matilda.    By Maddie
Mean, rich, colourful, grumpy, careless, greedy, angry, cruel, cheat, mischevious, good looking, needs a shave, spotty clothes, leather shoes and polished shoes. He gets people to buy cars, spotty pants, big hat, striped top, spotty tie and grey top.           By Angus