Policy and Procedure documents

National Administration Guidelines

tick_boxNational Administration Guidelines (NAGs) are important documents for the school. Each NAG sets out the expectations of Government and then describes the school policy and procedures which support the school’s endeavours towards achieving the NAG expectations.

NAGs are also useful for parents who might like to understand school policy or how the school is working towards Charter goals. You can find out more about NAGs on the Ministry of Education website:

The Tiritea School NAGs are:

Tiritea School Enrolment Policy

Tiritea School Enrolment Poicy

Curriculum matters: NAG 1

NAG 1 Curriculum 2016

Strategic planning, self review and reporting: NAG 2

NAG 2 Planning assessment and self review

Staff and employment: NAG 3

NAG 3 Personnel 2016

Finances, asset and property management: NAG 4

NAG 4 Financial and property management 2016

Student safety, health  and wellbeing: NAG 5

NAG 5 Health and Safety 2017

Tiritea School Emergency and Traumatic Incident Response Plan

Student attendance, school days: NAG 6

NAG 678 Legislative Compliance

Maintaining the School Charter: NAG 7

Reporting against the National Standards and the Charter: NAG 8


cropped-digital_gears_wide copy

NAG 5 Health and Safety 2017

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