Charter Consultation 2014


The Board and staff have been working on the Charter Review and now have a final document. The Charter is available on the school website (under the Charter tab) and in use every day at school. The revised Vision is ‘To nurture a passion for learning within a supportive community environment’. Changes have also been made to the Mission, Values and Goals. A detailed summary of these changes is provided below or can be downloaded from this link: Revisions to School Charter

We think the revised Charter reflects the values and priorities of our school community and we thank everyone who contributed your ideas to make this happen. If you have any questions please see Glenys or any other member of the Board.

Julie Macdonald for the Board of Trustees

December 2014



Many thanks to everyone who took the time to fill in the Charter survey online or on paper. Thanks also for the positive responses to the children’s video about the Charter on the school website. We have 31 completed surveys and will be spending time reading and considering them with the teaching staff over the next few weeks. We appreciate your thoughtful comments and have already noted some things to follow up. We will provide feedback about your responses and the next steps early in Term Four.

Julie Macdonald for the Board of Trustees

October 2014

Our School Charter

The purpose of a school charter is to establish the mission, aims, objectives, directions and targets that will guide the teaching and learning programmes and activities of our school. We are required to regularly consult with the school community about our charter, to make sure that our school planning reflects the community’s views.

It is Important to Everyone

The students, teachers and board of trustees have produced a short video to explain what the Charter is and how you can be involved in the review.

Charter Review

NOW is your opportunity to have your say about the future direction of Tiritea School by participating in our charter review. You can do this by:

  • Filling in the Tiritea School Charter survey online by Friday 5th September
  • Filling in the Tiritea School Charter Survey  (paper copy) and returning it to the school office by Friday 5th September
  • Coming along to a meeting on Wednesday 24th September to discuss your views further

The survey asks you to respond to questions about the Mission, Vision, Values and Goals contained in the current Charter. The complete Charter document is on the School website, but we have printed the relevant sections in the survey so you can easily refer to them. There is also space for you to provide any other comments you would like to make.

We would really appreciate you taking the time to give us some feedback on the Charter. It won’t take long and you will help shape the future of our school.