PTA News


December PTA Activity

Tiritea mozaic sign

It seems like the good folk visited school over the last few days. Many thanks to Darian de Ridder who has crafted the mounts for the beautiful mosaic donated to the school by Charlee Newby last year, and the old, original totara post from the front entrance in 1895. It was delightful watching everyone’s faces when they arrived at school on Monday morning – a great talking point. Many thanks also to Pete Murphy who has erected a new shed in the pool area for us to store swim-ming equipment in. You guys are awesome – thank you so much for your time

Monster Garage Sale

In March 2013, the PTA held their major fundraising event – a Monster Garage Sale in the school grounds. The event is annual so look out for notices in the New Year.

The PTA has taken a key role in supporting many events at Tiritea which helps to maintain that friendly community sprit our school is known for, and also provide additional resources to assist student learning. Profits from the 2013 Garage Sale have gone towards the purchase of ICT equipment to support student learning. Thank you also to all the family, staff and friends of Tiritea School who assisted in so many ways to make the event happen.



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